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Time for an Allowance?

You may be young, but you’re getting bigger every day. And as you grow, how many chores you do around the house grows too. If you do enough chores, you’re probably old enough to ask for an allowance. If you’re scared or not sure how to ask mom and dad for an allowance, here are some tips:

  • Ask Around – Talk to your friends and cousins to see if they get an allowance, and if so – how much? You want to go to your parents with the facts. Most kids get about a dollar for each year. So, if you’re eight, you’d get $8.
  • Make a List – Put together a list of chores you do daily, like make your bed, or weekly, like take out the garbage. Maybe write down a few things you’re old enough to help with that you’re not already doing. Mom and dad will want to know what you’ll do to earn your allowance. (Check out our ideas below.)
  • Get Answers – You know your parents pretty well, so try and think of any questions or concerns they might have when you ask for an allowance. Have some answers written down ahead of time so you’ll know what to say.
  • Talk to Your Parents – Set up a time with your parents so you can talk to them. After dinner is usually a good choice. And whether you have things on paper or on a computer, make sure you have something in writing that spells out how much you want and what you’ll do to earn it. This will let your folks know you’re serious about it.

One more thing to think about before talking to mom and dad is what you’ll do or say if they say no to giving you an allowance. Whatever that is, you want to act mature and don’t whine or complain. If you handle it like a big kid, they’ll be more likely to listen next time.

Chore Ideas

You probably already do some of these, but here are a few chore ideas for your list:

  • Set the table
  • Sort clothes for washing
  • Fold clean clothes
  • Dust
  • Make your bed
  • Do your dishes
  • Vacuum
  • Take out the garbage
  • Take care of pets
  • Fill/empty dishwasher



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