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5 Cheap Yet Fun Spring Break Ideas

Sure, we all want to go to Florida or somewhere fun for spring break – but most families stay home instead. But there’s no need to be bored or make your parents go broke to have some fun. Here are some affordable ways to enjoy your spring break:

  1. Find free
    There are lots of free things to do if you just look. Start by checking out either your community center for fun things to do or your local bookstore for story time.
  2. Go outside
    Just ask your parents, there are tons of fun and free things to do. Bike, run, follow the leader, hide and seek – we’re sure you can come up with more! Or if you have a park or playground nearby, go exploring.

  3. Have a picnic
    Spring break usually means warmer weather – the perfect time to have a picnic! Just have your parents help you make and pack up some sandwiches, snacks and something to drink. You can either picnic in your backyard or have your folks take you to a park to eat. If it’s raining, you can even picnic on the family room floor!
  4. Check out the library
    Your local library is full of things to do and borrow. Over school breaks they usually have free kids events like playtime or crafts. And whether you want a DVD, CD, book, game or even a book on CD, chances are you’ll find it!

  5. Get gardening
    Not only will you learn about flowers and plants, you’ll be making mom and dad happy by helping out! Spring is the time to clean up flower beds or plant some flowers – so spring break is perfect timing to get digging! See if you can help pick out new plants and get your own pair of gardening gloves and/or tools.



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