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When Do You Work Hard?Kid selling lemonade

There’s always a lot to do! Your parents work hard so you can have clothes, food and toys. But one day you’ll need to work hard to get those things on your own. Right now, you can start practicing at working hard by doing chores. When you do a chore, make sure to take the time to do it right!

Here are some chores your parents will appreciate you doing:

Vacuum the house. The floor gets dusty and covered with dirt and crumbs. If you have pets, animal hair gets everywhere. A clean floor helps your home look like it’s in good shape; it’s more relaxing when there’s no mess. Your parents will be happy to come home from work to a neat house!

Water the garden. Does your mom or dad raise flowers or vegetables? Even if you don’t know how to plant or fertilize seeds, you can help by watering the plants. They need more than a drop or two, so count to 20 before you move from plant to plant. When you’re done, make sure to coil the hose and turn off the water.

Pull out weeds. Weeds, such as, like dandelions and thistle, like to spring up in lawns and inside driveway cracks. They make your house look unkempt, kind of like it needs a haircut. Get a pair of thick work gloves so you don’t get pricked and pull weeds out when you see them. Make sure to pull out the roots or they’ll just grow back!

Clean the bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom might seem gross, but it’s a job that has to get done. If there’s one chore your parents will be glad you did for them, it’s this one. Some cleaning supplies are dangerous, though, so make sure to ask which ones would be best for you to use.

Find the things you like about chores so they can be productive and fun!

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